Aglomerators IAF Engineering provides the industry with agglomerators. The agglomeration is the formation of a compound particle by the union of smaller particles; this larger particle has interstitial spaces through which the liquid penetrates. When the agglomerate is inserted, these spaces facilitate the penetration, dispertion and solubility of the powder into the liquid. Besides the dissolution properties, the agglomerate has other important properties such as an improved perception of the quality of the product by the consumer. This agglomeration gives the product a homogeneous aspect in colour, which makes the product look more natural and avoids the separation of components of different granulometries or colours. The resulting product keeps the original formula in each portion, and avoids any change in flavour due to the separation of different ingredients. When agglomerated, a product is more fluid, which makes packing and dosification easier. Another advantage of this agglomeration is that the resulting product is totally dust free (no “dust cloud”) therefore, easier to manipulate.

This process will enhance the following parameters: Wettability, Wettability, dispensability, Solubility, Bulk density, fines removal.